About DCU

Disciples of Christ United, the UCM Youth Ministry, serves students in Grade 7 through Grade 12.

We exist to create environments and build relationships where youth can encounter
the truth of Jesus Christ and choose to follow Him.

We believe our role is to come alongside parents and help disciple their teen to become a fully devoted follower of Christ. As we interact with students in their campuses, in their neighborhoods, and through programs and events, our prayer is that the Holy Spirit would guide and empower us to reach youth with the Good News and journey with them as they mature in Him.


Amy Allen

Amy Allen will be the first to admit that she feels like a 12-year old trapped in an adult body—a trait that has endeared her to the teenagers she serves. As for her passion for ministering to the youth, Amy says it best: “I love working with teenagers because they’re real, and they’re fun, and I believe God is going to use them to change the world because the minute you tell them something can’t happen, they set out to prove you wrong.” Born in South Carolina, she loves being a Southerner, amusement parks, Sour Patch Kids, and playing pranks—especially on Pastor Charlie. Amy is single with over 50 kids she calls her own (that’s the youth of DC United to the rest of us). Prior to moving to Manila in 2011 and joining UCM, Amy put her degree in Biology to work as a middle school science teacher; a health science presenter at a family-friendly science museum in North Carolina; and an Education Coordinator working with those at high-risk or living with HIV/AIDS in Oregon. She is currently enrolled in a cohort program for Urban Youth Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary.