The Care Ministry serves the church through prayer support, counseling, visitations, weddings, medical care during church services and events, and funeral support. The ministry also serves the church attendees and visitors through food and beverage preparations and serving during church events and special celebrations.

Contact: Liza Enrile
Care Ministries Chair

Congregational Care

Provides spiritual nurturing through the prayer chain and provides emotional encouragement through lay counseling. Additionally, support and comfort for spiritual, physical, and emotional needs are provided in special circumstances.

Prayer Support

A team prays for those in the congregation who submit their prayer requests and concerns.


A team of well-trained counsellors are available to provide this to the congregation.


A team visits, attends to, and prays with those who are ill, recovering from illness, or experiencing loss of a loved one.


They assist couples planning toget married and need pre-marital counselling. We can also help out in organizing their wedding ceremony at UCM.


The ministry provides emotional and moral support to families who have lost a loved one and can assist in organizing memorial services.

Medical Care Team

A team of Health Care Providers (i.e. doctors,nurses) provides emergency medical assistance during worship services. They also participate in medical missions, blood drives, and disaster relief.

Cancer Overcomers Support Group (COSG)

Men and women who have undergone the life-changing experience of being diagnosed and treated for cancer come together every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 11am-1pm, to share their faith, insights, and help support each other. This group also organizes seminars that enhance the well-being of cancer overcomers.

Food Preparation

A team of volunteers plans menus and take charge of purchasing and preparing food for fellowship events.

Food Servers

A team serves snacks and refreshments during Sunday fellowship. They also assist in church special events.


The ministry organizes and hosts a church-wide Agape Meal on Maundy Thursday. A simple meal of soup and bread is served and shared with each other as a faith family. On sunrise of Easter Sunday, the ministry also hosts a breakfast for all those who rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Ecumenical Thanksgiving Dinner

UCM hosts the Ecumenical Thanksgiving dinner on the third Thursday of November, with three churches participating: Union Church of Manila, Holy Trinity Church, and Santuario de San Antonio Church. The three churches take turns every year. The joint thanksgiving service and celebration emphasize the unity of people from different walks of faith, and reaches out not just to the American community, but everyone who would like to observe and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Appreciation Day Celebrations

Care Ministry hosts and organizes thanksgiving dinners for Care Volunteers as well as for the UCM Pastors, Ministry Team, Administration, and Staff.

Special Holidays

The ministry also helps in celebrating special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, American Independence Day, Chinese New Year, and Philippine Independence Day by providing small souvenirs, hall decorations, and special food.