Liza Manayon

Care Ministry Coordinator

Liza Punongbayan Manayon is the Care Coordinator of UCM. Aside from serving in the church, she is also an Instructor at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Colleges. She is currently a candidate for a Masters degree in Health Professions Education.

She blesses the congregation with her passion for music by singing in the 12:30 p.m. Sunday services. Liza, a self-proclaimed Nerd, enjoys reading about history, cooking, and watching movies and “food tripping” with her children, Erika and James.

You can reach her at

Get to know more about Liza

How did you come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior?

I accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior at 10 years old after my older sister shared the Gospel with me. My faith journey has been greatly influenced by my parents and my UCM family. My earliest memories of UCM go back as early as I was five years old. UCM has been instrumental in my Christian growth and spirituality through Sunday School, music ministries, discipleship groups, and pastoral mentoring/ teaching. I have gone through tremendous challenges, which The Lord has used to deepen my love and commitment to Him.

What fans your passion for ministering at UCM?

The Lord has blessed me with spiritual gifts in the area of music, empathy, discernment, administration, and encouraging others. More importantly, He has blessed me with a UCM community where I can use these gifts. These same gifts also motivate me to serve beyond UCM.