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The Way Forward - The UCM Council Moderator's Update to the Congregation on Jan 12, 2020
regarding the Key Messages and Action Plan derived from the OCT 2019 Town Hall Meeting.

On behalf of the church council, I wish to report to the congregation the output of the October 2019 Town Hall meeting and our consultations which were done thereafter.

Action Plan

Church leaders to...

1. Advise congregation of (our) discernment on the priority programs to pursue for 2020

2. Assign Task Force members to serve in the development of the identified programs

3. Address through the relevant committees or ministries the specific concerns or issues that may be already actionable with the existing organizational infrastructure.


January 2020:

• Task Force members will be identified and to go on-board for each of the Volunteer programs, as the Task Force for the 4th Service has already been appointed.

• Topline Update to the congregation

February 2020:

• Reporting to the congregation of specific programs and target schedules

The key messages which have been validated by feedback from a selected group from the congregation led to the following action steps:

Congregation supports:

A Fourth Service: Pastoral and Worship team are now preparing and implement this in due course in 2020. The ad hoc committee has nearly completed its work and volunteers for this new service have come forward.

Strengthened Volunteer Program: After prayerful consideration, it was decided to commission an ad hoc Committee to define the parameters of volunteerism and the practical steps needed to ensure a sustainable program for the other recommendations from the congregation.

This will be lead by the incoming Fellowship and Membership chair and will have 5 members who will craft recommendations. It will be tasked to complete this in two months after which the committee will be dissolved and the Council will consider the output for implementation.

Outreach and Evangelism: Key feedback is equipping for evangelism (we have progressed much in this but we need to be more effective) and workplace ministry, plus leveraging in SDG leaders. On outreach, the main feedback is a more savvy use of media/social media, use of tracts, relaunching Alpha (already lines up with Christianity explored) and leveraging on library ministry. Outreach to the neighborhood only gets two mentions and expats only one mention.

The Missions and Benevolence ministry has already looked at ways to tackle the recommendations. They have a comprehensive multi-year program. (For further info as the volunteer program is being finalized.)

Specific and important feedback is the need to harness the next generations, starting from the Children’s Sunday School to Young Adults.

The harnessing of volunteers and ad hoc committees require the review of Governance structures at UCM. Committees need guidance on the new role of volunteer coordination (undoubtedly a weakness for us now) and how they will get volunteers of the right skills and availability.

Council will always be there for overall coordination, however, guidelines on how Governance can be improved and made widely known to congregation require specific focus. Council will be reviewing how best to do this. The council shall revert to the congregation on the specific actions in this area at a later date.

Giving with 2020 Vision

The blessings that the Lord had given in 2019 will allow UCM to embark on these new endeavors. It is, therefore, our appeal to plan our giving as if this is already allocated to all the new activities rather than assuming this for the usual activities.

Pledge Update

In that light, I would like to advise the latest status of our Pledges:

As of 05 Jan 2020, the total number of pledgers is 283 and the total amount pledged is P49.1M.

The Operational budget for 2020 is P88.8M of which we pray to receive P52.5.M from Pledges and the rest from the plate offerings and other income.

We have commissioned an ad hoc Committee on Energy Savings and Council is looking at other means to save on costs such as the new bulletins.

We pray that all would consider to pledge to allow Council to plan ahead. The surplus for 2019 will need to cover operational shortfall after all the savings measures and any remaining will then be for the new programs going forward. So any contribution to the operating budget will free up the surplus for the new programs which are still to be developed.

Thank you again for all your inputs. May the Lord continually bless the work of our hands on our way forward, for His glory!


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